Katy Torch

"Changing Hearts, Transforming Lives, Impacting the World"

Kairos Torch

Kairos Torch is a mentoring program for incarcerated offenders, ages 25 and under. The Weekend introduces incarcerated youth to Christian concepts as a means of making better choices for their lives. The Weekend is then followed with an established six month
one-to-one weekly mentoring program that encourages the youth to remove their masks and see themselves as God sees them.

Kairos Outside

The purpose of Kairos Outside is to demonstrate God’s grace and love through Christian support for women who have relative/friends who are or have been incarcerated. The goal is to provide a safe place to encourage the sharing of one’s life journey, to create an opportunity for a relationship with God, and to promote participation in Support Groups.

Kairos Inside

The Kairos Inside program goal is to build a continuing Christian community inside the institution through Prayer and Share accountability groups, and monthly Reunions organized by Kairos Graduates and volunteers. The initial Weekends, held in both male and female institutions, are 3½ days based on a series of talks, discussions, chapel meditations, and music.

Kairos Prison Ministry International

Kairos Prison Ministry International, Inc. (Kairos) is a lay-led, interdenominational Christian ministry in which men and women volunteers bring Christ's love and forgiveness to prisoners and their families.The Kairos programs take the participants on a journey that demonstrates the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Kairos Prison Ministry is Christian in nature, although no religious affiliation is necessary to be a participant. The programs involve a structured model that includes the weekend experience, followed by guests or participants gathering regularly for accountability, support, and prayer.

Kairos of Texas

Kairos of Texas operates as a State Chapter and serves in prisons and jails through a contractual agreement with the Warden and Chaplain of each unit. At present, we are in 47 units (prisons & jails) across the State of Texas (we are opening more units from time to time). We are blessed to minister to family members with the 10 Kairos Outside Ministries.

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